Grupos Organizados offers many sports and recreational activities in order to let our groups have fun and practice their English in the best possible way.

Each activity is introduced depending on the school and their programme. They are carried out with groups in different ways to encourage interest, motivation and participation.

All of our activities are carried out by highly qualified and professional staff with the assistance of our English speaking monitors.

Our activities are conducted according to the legal European standards in all areas with addition to all of our insurance policies, liabilities and the activities themselves.

Before each outdoor activity our English monitors give their group a lecture in English so that all children can become familiar with the specific vocabulary needed in order to do as much English as possible. Please take into account, during these activities safety comes before English.


  1. SPORT: These activities in the sea and in the mountains are our most successful activities that every child enjoys.

These include water activities such as: Kayaking, Pedalos, Snorkeling, body boards, padel surf

Adventure activities such as: Abseiling, Climbing, Archery, Shooting with pellet guns, archery, horse riding etc.

  1. LEISURE - SPORTS: These activities focus more on the aspect of the game and teamwork.

These include: Problem solving games, raft building, team games, beach games, pool games, excursions, shops and shopping.


These activities are projects or theory classes done entirely through English. Children will work on different aspects of language individually or in groups.

These activities always focus on everyday issues that normally has nothing to do with the teaching approach done in classrooms. We work with music, dancing and role plays or other areas that the students have interest in and have fun doing.

Students receive encouragement while practicing their English. Their multiple intelligences are working at all times.

Song and dance: Students learn choreographed dances and learn the lyrics to songs that are trendy at the moment.

Sketches and Role plays: The students learn short scenes from real life situations while having fun doing so. The students learn from role-plays suited to their age and level. Once they have practiced they dress up and act out their scenes.

Projects: These are English projects that allow the entire group to focus on practicing English in all its phases; speaking, writing, listening and reading. The projects are decided upon by taking into account the age and level of the group.