Our English week is the star product of Grupos Organizados. It is a stay centered on the practice of English of school students with our native English speakers via an intense coexistence with them while performing a multitude of activities in the natural environment.

It is a stay where students come to us to practice “real English”, the everyday English they would use if they travelled to an English speaking country. We want our students to live firsthand what it would be like to be surrounded by the language. This is done in a real context of communication so in that way they feel that all of the English they study in school has meaning and there is a final result.

For this philosophy to be carried out successfully the children are immersed in an environment and a context in which the practice of English becomes a must, as our entire team only communicates with students in English; from the director of the organization to the management staff to the monitors.

Students enjoy an English programme that is varied and appropriate to their age. The main attractions of this programme for the students are the physical sport activities in the outdoor environment, such as: Water sports activities and our adventure park activities. All the activities are conducted through English, allowing us to introduce to the students some of their passions such as kayaking, snorkeling, archery, climbing, zip line, orienteering and much more.

Grupos Organizados uses the English week to design programmes customized for each group, taking into account their age and level of English. Teachers may or may not participate because for most of the day, we take responsibility for the students.

In short, children end up living an intense experience where human contact is the most important, fun is the common denominator and the English language is the rationale. This is all done in a natural way where everyone enjoys, has fun and learns English without even realising it.

We offer a five day four night stay; Groups can arrive during Monday morning from 09:00 and depart on Friday afternoon until 18:00. This includes two meals Monday and Friday. This means that we include the full board with accommodation in wooden bungalows and three meals per day in a wonderful self service area. This is on top of all the activities and English lessons.