Our native English speaking monitors are the core of Grupos Organizados.

A group of monitors are placed with a group from the day they arrive. They are with this group all through their programme Monday to Friday during the morning activities and afternoon activities. These monitors are unique as they only speak English with the group and they do not speak Spanish.

Our full team has been carefully selected and trained by the management team of Grupos Organizados.

When a group arrives at either of our centers they are assigned a group of monitors, taking into account we try to keep the ratio between 1 -10 and 1-12. For example, if a group from Zaragoza of 47 children from 2º ESO comes to one of our centers, they will have a group of five monitors waiting and prepared in uniform to be with them until they leave. Their mission is to make sure that this group of students enjoy and get the most out of their stay with us.

In this way the group establishes that “bond” with their group of monitors while they are with them throughout the week.

The humane treatment of the monitors is one of the most important aspects we work on during their training with Grupos Organizados before they are placed with any school group. We know very well that if the monitor does not form that magical bond with their group the process is made more difficult and the English will not flow as naturally amongst the group which is the main purpose of the entire stay.

English in all its aspects is covered during the training of the monitors and is the base of their work. As native English speakers they know English perfectly but we teach them how to teach with a difference, how to speak slowly, how to be expressive with their body language, how to adjust to the level of the students and much more.

With all of this in mind, we can say and ensure that we at Grupos Organizados prioritise our team of native speakers, to ensure that every season our quality and service both with regard to creating a difference and the practice of the English language is at its highest standard.