Grupos Organizados´s summer camp is done completely through English, unlike the vast majority of other English stays in our country. We are a family run business who speak English fluently and only speak English to the children that attend our summer camp. They live in English from the day they arrive to the day they leave.

Our entire monitor team are native English speakers. We have Spanish natives employed as activity monitors for safety reasons but all can speak English. We speak English to each other, that is our secret and our strength.

We offer children the chance to be immersed 100% in English from the moment they wake up until the time they go to sleep. All our programme and activities are in English; this means that the children spend all day with their native speaking monitors by practicing “real English”. The person who comes with the group is responsible for the group only around the times of breakfast, lunch, dinner and when the group are going to sleep. We are with them the rest of the day doing a multitude of activities all through English.

We don´t work only part of the day in English doing boring classes, we seek total immersion in the English language. Children are forced to speak English at all times, except for some free time we give them to play, socialize and make friends.

We can guarantee that during our summer camp the children will receive a minimum of seven hours of direct English in a unique, dynamic and fun way.



Of course we consider and take into account the level of English. All arrangements for the stay are tailor made for each group.

The age of the group is not always a good indication of the level of English that the group has. We have to take into account the hours of real English the group receives in school and the quality of these hours.

Nowadays, for example, there are more bilingual schools available, where subjects such as geography and history are taught only in English. This means that these schools receive more hours of real spoken English. Teachers and students don´t talk about the English language but instead talk about world issues by using English as the communicative tool. Students who are only permitted to speak English tend to start thinking in English, which in turn allows their speaking to come more naturally.

As a result of bilingual schools, this could mean an eleven year old child could have a higher level of English than a sixteen year old teenager. Grupos Organizados takes into account all of these aspects while doing out the programme, to ensure that each child comes and enjoys themselves to the maximum. We know from years of experience that we will never get a child to live and love the English language if they are not having fun and enjoying themselves. This is something that can be done by simply adapting our programme to their English needs and abilities.



Before our groups leave, each student receives a diploma to show that they have completed a five day English stay with Grupos Organizados.