9:00 WELCOME children: A little free time before starting; they can play tennis, soccer, volleyball or ping pong

10:00 Start programme with Grupos Organizados

- Explanation of the morning by the monitor in English.

- Activity: Water sports + games on the beach.

12:30 return to the campsite to shower and get ready for lunch.

13:00 Lunch at OUR SELF SERVICE.

13:30 Free time for students to relax; they can enjoy our swimming pool, their bungalows or chat to their friends.

15:00 Children start the evening with Grupos Organizados.

- Explanation of the afternoon by the monitors.

- Activity: Song and Dance + sketches / Role plays + pool games

18:30 to 19:00 CHILDREN ARE COLLECTED: Grupos Organizados programme finishes for the day. Students return home to explain what they have done to their families in English.....!